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Offer an award-winning customer experience. GoBolt is the best way to reliably store, pick, pack, and ship your products on time and in full

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Simplify Your Logistics

When you receive an order, your systems should work in harmony. GoBolt is the next-generation fulfillment solution to easily integrate, manage, and fulfill your orders.

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Connect Your Store

Our onboarding team helps you integrate GoBolt directly with your online store.

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Manage Inventory

We'll receive and store your inventory to optimize delivery speed and cost.

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Fulfill Orders

As your orders are received in real-time, we'll pick, pack and ship your products with speed.

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40% Reduce shipping costs by 40%
3x Get orders to customers 3x faster
99.99% 99.99+% pick accuracy

Turn Key Technology

State-of-the-art software to elevate your logistics.

  • Optimized Route Planning
  • Real Time Truck Tracking
  • Order Management System
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GoBolt Goes Green

As ecommerce continues to grow, so do our sustainability efforts. We have the largest electric truck fleet in Canada.

Our Company & Vision

Our goal is to be carbon negative by the end of 2023.

What Our Merchants Say About GoBolt

  • "When we started with GoBolt, we had $100,000 worth of orders we needed to ship out to customers. On-boarding was seamless, our dedicated Account Coordinator helps every day, and GoBolt has allowed us to scale rapidly ever since."

    Nicole Bernstein

    Founder & CEO of If Only Home
  • "From the executive team right down to the staff helping manage the day-to-day business, everyone brings a level of excellence, commitment and care to the table that we simply haven't been able to find with any other partner."

    Verity Sylvester

    Co-Founder of Branch
  • “Everything connects. We know when orders are delivered or not delivered. If we have a shipment coming in, we simply put in the SKU and how much product we are expecting and it will count the inventory for you in real-time.”

    Ben McLean

    Co-Founder of Benji Sleep

How to Choose the Right 3PL for Your Business

Learn when it’s time to start sourcing a logistics partner, the features to consider, and questions to ask that ensure you find the best partner for your needs.

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