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5 Items In Your Home You Can Get Rid Of

By Katie McCann

Despite your best efforts to reorganize and rearrange your stuff, sometimes you just can’t create the elbow room you crave in your space. If your place is packed to the brim or if you know your home will be crowded with relatives visiting or kids home from college this summer, using out of home storage for the next few months might be just the ticket to lightening your load.

Here are 5 items in your home you can store over the summer to give you that extra breathing room at home:

1. Seasonal Items

When it’s finally the perfect beach day, the last thing you want to do sift through the sleds and skis taking up your limited storage space to get to the beach chairs. Make it easier to get to your summer items by swapping out your winter stuff. This also goes for the winter – there is nothing more frustrating than sifting through a pile of swimsuits to find your mitts when the first snowfall hits! Go through each area of your house such as the hall closet, linen closet, kitchen, and car to make your space ready for each season. Some of these seasonal items you can clean through each season might include:

  • Warm, furry throws, down comforters, flannel sheets
  • Cold weather sports equipment
  • Holiday decorations
  • Thick winterwear, like coats and boots
  • Swimsuits
  • Beach towels
  • Pool floats, like noodles and animal floaties

These seasonal items are perfect to pack away and make space for new seasons! If you organize it right, you can put the winter stuff right into boxes as you take summer gear out, and vice versa, all while saving room in your home!

2. Sentimental Items

We get it, sometimes we need to hold onto special tokens of our past. While sentimental items can have strong emotional ties that make us feel all warm and fuzzy inside, they have no real use in our day-to-day lives. While you don’t want to throw out keepsakes you cherish, you also don’t want to let these unused items take up your prime real estate storage spots in your home.

Some sentimental items include:

  • Sport trophies
  • Old school uniforms
  • Wedding or bridesmaid dresses
  • Baby clothes or other baby items
  • Anything that belongs to a loved one you lost

3. Documents, Files, and Papers

If you find yourself drowning in paperwork every time you step into your basement, you’re not alone. Many items, like tax returns, medical bills, receipts, and business expenses have to be kept for future reference, and usually for several years afterwards. In a small space, these piles of permanent papers can start to build up and get in the way of more important items, slowing you down and causing unnecessary stress every time you open a drawer. safekeeping.

4. Furniture

Most families have a few pieces of furniture that they aren’t using right now. If you can envision a future for this furniture, such as passing them on to your children when they’re moving into their own homes, Second Closet can store these items temporarily so they’re not eating up huge amounts of your space. However, if you can’t picture a future life for these items, consider getting them off your chest for good. Furniture Bank is a charity that takes gently used furniture and redistributes them to families in need.

5. Miscellaneous Items

If you’re overwhelmed with excess stuff and have boxes set aside already that you know you want to sort through before you let them go, sell, or donate, perhaps consider getting these items out of sight too. If it’s stuff you don’t want in the house but you may want later, look at other self storage units!

Katie McCann
By Katie McCann

Katie is the Content Marketing Manager at Bolt, creating resources to help ecommerce businesses of all size thrive. When she's not tracking her online orders right to her doorstep, she's obsessing over her pandemic puppy and learning TikTok dances.